2013 Summer Whole Foods Kids on the Go! – River Park Summer Camp (City of Naples)

Over 85 children, including 16 middle school and high school students with special needs, from the City of Naples River Park Community Center ran a mile most days at camp. Today, August 7th was the final mile… actually 1.2 to finish up their 26.2 marathon. It was a COLOR RUN! Special thanks to Whole Foods Market Naples and River Park staff for making Kids on the Go! possible.

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The Whole Foods Market Kids on the Go program was developed to help children fulfill the 1 hour physical activity portion of the Safe & Healthy Children’s Coalition 95210 Let’s Go! campaign. 95210 provides an easy way to remember how to lead a healthier lifestyle where 9 represents the number hours of sleep a child should get each day, 5 signifies the number of servings of fresh fruits and veggies one should consume each day; 2 is the maximum amount of screen time – TV/ video games – a child should view each day; 1 hour of physical activity as mentioned and the 0 reminds children to avoid all sugary beverages and tobacco products.

Participants in the Whole Foods Market Kids on the Go program run a total of 13.1 or 26.2 miles, the equivalent of a half or full marathon respectively, over the course of a 6-12 week period. Children from younger grades (preschool – 2nd) could strive for the 13.1 mile distance. Health champions at the respective schools monitor children as they run increments of the target distance. Children run on school property either before or after formal school hours. Health champions log the children’s progress and those kids who achieve the 26.2 mile goal can participate in a final celebratory mile run at the local feeder high school.

At this exhilarating celebration, parents, teachers and local officials cheer children on to complete the final mile (or half mile for younger grades). Each child receives a T-shirt and, upon successful completion of their run, they also receive a medal as well as fresh fruit and water from the program’s generous title sponsor, Whole Foods Market.

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