95210 Kids on the Go!

This past week marked the beginning of our Whole Foods sponsored 95210 Kids on the Go! program for the 2015/2016 school year. 95210 is the zip code to a healthier life for our community’s children. It emphasizes the daily needs of 9 hours of sleep, 5 servings of fruits and vegetables, less than 2 hours of screen time, 1 hour of physical activity, and 0 sugary beverages or tobacco products. Throughout the course of each semester, students run the equivalent of a marathon (26.2 miles) culminating in a final mile ceremony where their family and friends can cheer them on.

Last year, we saw record numbers of 1500 participating students across 8 Title 1 Collier County schools. For this new year, we are ramping up our efforts through multiple community collaborations
. Our partnership with the University of Florida IFAS Extension Family Nutrition Program will allow hundreds of additional children to take part in this tremendous initiative at several new schools including Everglades Elementary, Lake Trafford, and Village Oaks.

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