95210 Let’s Go!

Sorting through nutrition and health advice can be confusing for nearly everyone!  As a parent or caregiver it can be frustrating as you try to steer your family in a healthy direction.  Partners, including physicians, dietitians, nurses and fitness experts, in the Safe & Healthy Children’s Coalition of Collier County are trying to simplify some sound recommendations that you can use in guiding your family to a healthy lifestyle. The Coalition recommends “9-5-2-1-0, Let’s Go!” To learn what this means, see below:

=the number of hours of sleep we should get daily.

= how many of servings of fruits and vegetables we should eat daily.

= limit “screen” (television, internet, video games) time to 2 hours or less daily.

= get at least 1 hour of physical activity each day.

= eliminate sugary beverages (avoid soda, juice, energy drinks, etc.) and tobacco.

BFF= Breastfeeding for the first year of age.

Let’s Go! 

We suggest you teach your children this easy message by posting it on your refrigerator, near televisions and computers and wherever else it will be seen and serve as a reminder!  Set goals with your children and participate with them.  Lead them by example.  Consider giving them gold stars or some little reward when they accomplish each recommendation.  Plan something to reward your entire family with when you all practice “9-5-2-1-0, Let’s Go!” for a month, or more.  Make it a friendly household competition and cheer each other on to success!  Spread the message to friends, neighbors and co-workers.  Challenge everyone you know to get involved.  We all win with “9-5-2-1-0, Let’s Go!”  What is the prize?  Feeling more energetic, alive and good about yourself and knowing you are guiding your children to become healthy, productive adults!  What are we waiting for?… “Let’s Go!”

For more information about “9-5-2-1-0, Let’s Go!”  go www.LetsGo.org.


For individuals, families or classrooms that might want to track their “9-5-2-1-0, Let’s Go” efforts, go to:



Please help us and answer two quick questions!

Special thanks to Team Wellness Challenge, L3C, a partner of Whole Child Leon and Working Well located in Tallahassee, Florida, for allowing us to use their wonderful 95210 tracking system.

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