Bernardo Barnhart ranks #1 in Florida for Cross Country – Congratulations.

Florida released the new middle school cross country and Bernardo Banhart from Corkscrew Middle School🏃🏽ranks #1…Congratulations 🎊🎈🎉!
We are so proud of him.

Bernardo participated in our 95210 #KidsontheGo program when he was in elementary school 5 years ago.

Bernardo’s dad writes: “If it was not for 95210, Bernardo would have not discovered his talent in running. More importantly, this program has provided Bernardo with confidence on and off the field. This has changed his way of life.
My family thanks you and everyone involved with the program! Keep up the great work.”

Bernardo Barnhart

This is what our coalition is all about.. congratulations to Bernardo Barnhart’s son! What incredible athlete & supportive family.
Really love hearing how 95210 Kids on the Go has touched the lives of students, teachers, administrators, etc in Collier County…Amazing!

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