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We encourage exclusive breastfeeding for the first 4 – 6 months of life. Well defined associations between decreased obesity rates and exclusive breastfeeding.

Breastfeed Your Baby 

For Mom’s Best Health

Breastfeeding your baby is linked to many health benefits for YOU!

Immediate Benefits

• Less bleeding at delivery

• Reduced risk of Baby Blues or postpartum depression after delivery

• An earlier return to pre-pregnancy weight

• New mothers may experience an increase in self confidence and feel closer to their baby

• Delays the return of menstruation (However,breastfeeding alone should not be thought of as a form of birth control. Please discuss this with your healthcare provider.)

• Cost benefit – savings of approximately $1200.00 during the first year

Long-term Benefits

• Less time missed from work due to infant illness

• Lower blood pressure & decreased stress

• Reduced risk of heart disease, diabetes and rheumatoid arthritis

• Reduced risk of developing breast cancer or ovarian cancer

• Reduced risk of osteoporosis after menopause

Local Resources

La Leche League – Meetings held @ Center Point Community Church, 6590 Golden Gate Pkwy. 2nd Fri each month. Contact: Jennifer 239-821-3927 or Sabrina 239-777-4473

NCH Healthcare BirthPlace – Lactation Services

Lactation Office: 239-552-7546

Breastfeeding Classes: 239-552-7396

Physicians Regional Medical Center – Women’s Center

Breastfeeding Classes & Home visits for Breastfeeding support: 239-405-7972

The Family Birth Center of Naples

Information: 239-594-0400

WIC (Women, Infant & Children)

Naples: 239-252-6875

Golden Gate: 239-455-1931

Immokalee: 239-252-7312

After hours help line: 239-252-5531


Breastfeed Your Baby

For Baby’s Best Health

For the best results breastfeed exclusively!

Breastfed babies have a reduced risk for many illnesses comparedto formula fed babies

Immediate Benefits

• Reduced SIDS risk

• Fewer infections and GI problems for preterm infants

• Fewer head colds, pneumonias, ear infections, and urinary tract Infections

• Less diarrhea & diaper rashes

• Human milk is easier to digest and better for the kidneys.

Long-term Benefits

• Better lung function, brain and eye development

• May reduce risk for eczema and asthma

• Reduced risk for Type I and II Diabetes and Celiac disease

• Reduced risk of obesity for all ages

• Lower blood pressure and cholesterol

• Reduced risk of childhood cancer

• Reduced risk of developing breast cancer


To download Breastfeed Your Baby For Mom’s Best Health & For Baby’s Best Health  please click here

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