Campaign Launch: #NeverSWIMAlone

While most outdoor swimming pools throughout the country are now closed for the season, all our pools in Florida remain open year-round. That means the risk for child drowning remains high and consequently, the need for heightened pool safety protocol.
Please help us to prevent drowning by sharing this new campaign through social media or by e-mail. Please go to our FacebookTwitter and Instagram accounts and share the campaign with your family members and friends, use the following hashtags #PreventDrowning #WaterSafety #NeverSWIMAlone #NotMyChild #inthe239
campaign-social-media-002 campaign-social-media-001
Please e-mail us at or call us  239.624.4033 if you would like to have campaign postcards or posters.
Special thanks to Nick Shirghio Photography and the wonderful moms who helped us to make this campaign possible.

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