Tuesday, May 28th Dine at Inca’s Kitchen to Support our Coalition!


Inca’s Kitchen showcases the passion of Peru by sharing the mysteries of the legendary cuisine of the Incas of long-ago with today’s eager diners.

Managing some impressive feats such as large-scale terracing of mountainsides, the Incas were experts at cultivating land in the AndeanHighlands. They were also experts at creating flavorful meals filled with exotic spices and fruits found only in Peru.

Rafael Rottiers and his partner Alfredo Ruiz have extensive backgrounds in the food and beverage industry and decided it was time to offer the tastes of their homeland.

Peruvian symbols and posters instantly transport you to the Peruvian landscape as you are entertained by a wide-screen TV showing a vibrant culture at work, rest and play while traditional music plays in the background.

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