Layers of Protection – Drowning is 100% preventable


It’s silent, happens quickly and is 100% preventable. 2016 was one for the record books, but unfortunately not all of the records were positive. According to the USA Swimming Foundation, there were at least 320 media reported fatal drownings in 2016 involving children younger than 15 in swimming pools and spas. Florida has the highest overall unintentional drowning death rate for 1-4 year olds, three times the national average. By no means has Collier County been spared this preventable tragedy. According to the Bureau of Vital Statistics, drowning is the leading cause of death of children ages one to four in Collier County.

The NCH Safe & Healthy Children’s Coalition recognizes that multiple layers of protection are necessary to prevent drowning.

Layers include various types of barriers, including supervision, fences, pool covers, alarms, education, and more. Some layers aid in preventing access to the water, such as fences or pool safety covers. Other types of layers, such as alarms, will alert adults immediately if the barriers have been crossed. And finally, some layers are intended to minimize injury should a child gain access to the water, such as swim instruction, proper rescue techniques, and knowing CPR.

Please help share the following four messages to help prevent the loss of another child!

  • Supervise Never take your eyes off children in and around water.
  • Use Barriers Fences, self-closing/self-latching gates and secured doors with alarms can prevent young children from wandering into the pool. Check for broken or missing drain covers.
  • Learn to Swim To stay safer in the water, all family members should learn to swim well.
  • Know How to Respond Get training in basic water rescue skills, first aid and CPR. Have rescue equipment and a phone by the pool.


National Drowning Prevention Alliance



Collier County Sheriff’s Office – A Preventable Tragedy

Print Materials

Water Proof Florida Physical Barriers

Water Proof Florida Physical Barriers (Spanish)

Water Safety Checklist

Water Safety Checklist (Spanish)

NDPA Protect your Child From Drowning Outside your Home

NDPA Protect your Child From Drowning Outside your Home (Spanish)

NPDA Protect your Child From Drowning Inside your Home

NDPA Protect your Child From Drowning Inside your Home (Spanish)

Water Safety Brochure (English)

Water Safety Brochure (Spanish)

Swimming Instruction, Water Safety Instruction and CPR Directory:

Collier County SWIM LESSONS – 

CPR CLASSES- Collier County

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